React Gin Blog (3/19): Add React frontend

With first API route set, let’s add React frontend before continuing further. Covering React is out of this tutorial’s scope, but there are a lot of React development guides over the Internet that you can check. Even though i will not go into details about React implementation, i will show you how to setup ReactContinue reading “React Gin Blog (3/19): Add React frontend”

React Gin Blog (1/19): Golang and React Web App guide

This guide will show you how to build full stack Web App from scratch using Go programming language, Gin and React frameworks. Go (or sometimes called GoLang) is an open source programming language developed by Google. More info, as well as download link can be found on official web page. Gin is lightweight but high-performanceContinue reading “React Gin Blog (1/19): Golang and React Web App guide”